Friday, October 11, 2013

Smile, Smile pillow, rainbow circles pillow, rainbow smiley face

This is a gray giik pillow with a sprig of rainbow emoticons. All the funny faces made ​​by hand, they are too small to use machine embroidery. Colorful source of happiness in your living room will look comfortable in the kitchen, amuse passers-by, if you put her in the car.
Size 30cm Material - fleece. inside - hollofayber.

Fur Fluffy Pekingese, Fuzzy animal, Pussy dog, Pluch toy

Fur Fluffy Pekingese size 30 cm high and 35 cm wide, there is lightning . The inner side of the ears of artificial suede , you will see in the video clip on my YOUTUBE channel -  . Even if you are not purchasing this toy , you can just enjoy the wonderful video clip , in the style of a Christmas greeting card. This is handmade fuzzy animal with funny face. For dog lover, for kid


Pekingese face pillow, dog pillow

The spice of this dog face pillow are bulging eyes and a convex muzzle dog. Saturated nice beige color, will fit well in a quiet living room or a cozy wooden kitchen, maybe you want to put into a car. In any case, this pillow will be a nice gift for dog lovers and fans of Pekingese. Material - polyester fleece, vehicle hollofayber. Size 30 cm, hand wash

Pekingese, toy dog, stuffed animal, red dog, cute handmade

Yellow dog toy Pekingese

Bright cheerful Pekingese, it so looking lovingly. Give your child a puppy! Dog Toy medium-sized 30 cm in width. The muzzle is made in the mixed technique - machine embroidery and handmade work - eyes. Pekingese are very expressive eyes and a funny round little face that looks like a baby face. I tried to convey a touching sight of my Pekingese in this toy

               Pekingese, childrens toy, stuffed toy, toy handmade, dog toy, bright yellow