Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pekingese Big & Small furry toys LIVE

Japanese Chin furry toys - photos & live

Japanese Chin dogs toys

First I sewed the pillow "Japanese Chin" for the client, because the Japanese Chin are very similar to Pekingese. Now I tried to sew toys. I sewed 4 layout before finding the right shape for a toy
From #82 Japan Chin toy fake fur
From #82 Japan Chin toy fake fur
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From #82 Japan Chin toy fake fur    


Pekingese Big & small furry toys

 I have long time sew toys "Doggie Pekingese" faux fur. At last I made ​​the live videos with these dogs. Of course, you can also view more photos in Picasa ans Flickr
From # 68 Pekingese little toy
From # 37 albom Pekingese fluffy fur

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