Thursday, October 22, 2015

tiny smiley face with a star

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Album #103 tiny Smiley face toys, plush emoticons, plaques star 

Possible colors of the Star

1 neon - green, poisonous lime
2 yellow ( as wand star )
3 orange
4 neon bright orange
5 neon bright pink (hot pink )
6 red
7 burgundy (maroon )
8 dark burgundy
9 dark green
10 green
11 dark blue
12 lavender
13 purple (as a star in the picture)
14 blue
15 bright turquoise
16 light blue

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Handmade fluffy furry monkey toy

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The height of 12 centimeters toys = 4.72 inches
Materials - faux fur, hollofayber filler, felt
From #137 Monkey
From #137 Monkey

See more pictures in #137 album 

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Six purple smiley face pillows for wholesale buyer

I'm looking for wholesale customers.
Retail price purple ( lavender)  smiley face pillow $ 22
If you will buy  2 pillows and more, the price is 20 $ a piece.
Sending 3 pillows in the US or Europe - $ 15.
Sending  6 pillows - 28 $

Live video from my youtube channel

Picasa gallery , album #120 Purple Smiley face pillow
From #120 Purple Smiley face pillow
From #120 Purple Smiley face pillow