Monday, November 16, 2026

Smiley face handmade pillows, bright pillows, Pekingese dog

Hello! I am Eli, I sew childrens pillows with smiley face classical style 70's, how its invented Harvey Bell. I love to add cute attributes to the smileys for diversity. I also love Pekingese. I'm a real fan of this dog breed. I am very thankful for the opportunity to sell my creativity on Etsy. This is a unique place where you can find the most incredible things like a fairy tale.In my shop you can find round smileys any size within 12 inches of different colors and textures. Please, use the navigation "section", which is located right in the store, to find the right size of a smile. Round cushion yellow smiley good as a gift for child, adult, or perhaps just for home staging.
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