Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mustache Smiley face toys

Gift for men, geekery, hipster,  gift for him, stuffed toy, mustache, gift for boyfriend, hipster toy, mustache toy.
Small toy size 17 cm = 6,7 inhes.
Picasa gallery #107 Mustache smiley face

From Mustache smiley face

Stuffed toy, mustache, mustache toy, smiley face, gft for men, geekery, hipster, gift for him, gift for boyfriend, hipster toy.
Extra-small toy size 11 cm = 4,33 inhes.

From #107 Mustache smiley face

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review of new fur toys Pekingese. February 2015.

In order to buyers can  better understand the difference between the new models Pekingese, I made a video collage.

Black pekingese with a black mask, beige pekingese with beige maskbeige  pekingese without masks - all these toys can stand on a table. They all have are bottom of knitwear.

From #106 Pekingese toys february 2015

 Beige Pekingese without a mask with foots has no bottom.
 Toys with bottom are very close of the form to Pekingese show-class, champions.
Height toys - 30cm = 11.81 inches.
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From #106 Pekingese toys february 2015

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Pekingese beige fur toy-dog with a beige mask

In February 2015 I made a few new models of toy dog PEKINGESE. This Pekingese made of long faux fur, have ears, but has no foots. Bottom toy is shaped like an oval, so Pekingese can stand on the table. The bottom of dog is made from jersey  - beige fleece.
Height 27 inches toy = 10,63 inches.
This is a very economical model, I sew it faster than the model with foots, and uses less long fur. But it seems to me that the Pekingese has not lost its charm.

From #106 Pekingese toys february 2015

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