Thursday, August 14, 2014

grey Smiley Face pillow

Live video with Smiley face pillow

Grey round pillow Smiley - gift for friends, gift for men. The size 12 inches.
The price 22 $ + 12$ shipping.


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Dog pillow - pekingese pillow and japangese chin pillow

Gift for dog lover, gift for pet lover  - cute pillows with dog face Pekingese and Japahese Chin
The dog pillow have size 12 inch, price 28$ + 12$ shipping
From # 78 Japanese chin 

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Pekingese pillow & Japanese Chin pillow - LIVE Pillowsrollanda


Neon green Smiley face pillow & toys

The end of summer is usually associated with the beginning of the school year. Time for school! Parents buy neon backpacks for their children and new stationery. And of course no new toys can not do.
Meet Funny family Neon Smiley -

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Live video with neon green Smiley face 

LIVE neon green Smiley pillow & smiley toy Pillowsrollanda

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