Thursday, July 31, 2014

Childrens game The Buttons, kids table game for play at home

Hello everyone!
I am Eli and this my game. I came up with this game, when working as a nanny. At the core of the game is the ancient Russian fun "Spillikins" I just adopted from it for today's children. Children who played my game just called it "Buttons" =)
The "Buttons" game.
Take a transparent plastic bottle from under mineral water or lemonade (the glass can break), fill in it shank buttons. Take a long stick to the 25-30cm (10-11inch) or the handle pointer, reel up on it a wire. Make a small hook of a wire on the stick end. Corner in a hook = 30 degrees. That's all! Lets play!

From # 28 shank buttons game

Use hours or hourglasses that children didn't quarrel and played amicably. 2 minutes are enough for one course of one player. The low bottle will be suitable for children of 3-5 years - 15cm, for children of 5-12 years complicate game - use capacity the 25-28cm. The bottle is higher - the it is more difficult to get buttons. This very venturesome and fascinating game. Develops a motility of hands, dexterity, accuracy, patience. Play together with children! Or you are nearby.
You need to watch, that the child didn't poke a hook to himself into an eye while takes out a button from a bottle. Play with children or sitting near they.

From # 28 shank buttons game



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