Saturday, December 27, 2014

Smiley FACE pillow with bangs

Big round yellow dense fleece pillow SMILEY FACE with faux fur hair bang
12 inches
There are a lot of very small Smiley Face with multi-colored hair in my store.
I really like the bright hairstyles these emoticons. So I sewed a large Smiley Face pillow with a bang. If we compare these smileys in size, they can be compared as orange and watermelon =). More  Smilies pillows are in the section - Big Smiles in etsy shop .

From #99 Smiley pillow with bangs

For this Smiley Face with a bang of faux fur, I used a new kind of fleece, it is more dense and is similar to velvet and more expensive.
If you want to see more photos, go to my gallery in Picasa or  Flickr
Smiley face plush pillow yellow fur hair  10 

Material Smiley Face pillow is dense fleece, there is a zipper, inside the filler holofayber.

Delivery from Russia to Europe, United States usually 2-4 weeks. Shipping cost 12 dollars.
Only Russian Post service mail


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