Friday, April 10, 2015

The small Pekingese toys of different colors

The small Pekingese toys of different colors. Earlier I sewed Pekingese toys from beige long fur.
Because beige fur now ended, I sewed a few toys Pekingese other colors: rusty long-haired, long-haired yellow and white short fur.

The height of 12 centimeters toys = 4.72 inches
Each toy has two ears.
Bow can be positioned in the middle of the head or the right ear dog.
Color bow you can choose for yourself:
1) green
2) a bright turquoise
3) blue
4) hot pink (almost neon pink)
5) red
6) maroon (dark cherry)
7) terracotta
8) deep orange
9) dark yellow
10) lemon
11) white

From #115 Small toy Pekingese RUSTY FUR WITHOUT MASK

More pictures of each dog fur toy Pekingese see in my Picasa gallery

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Album #113

LIVE VIDEO from youtube

play list -  Stuffed toys & Childrens pillows

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