Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tiny Smiley face, GAG gift, sweet tooth gifts, handmade kawaii plushies emojis

I love the smiles, and the idea this kawaii plushie was such: " Sorry, no candies now, ask my brother, please." But foolish to stand beside him and explain to customers that this is not a smiley with toothache, it just candy in the cheek and an empty candy wrapper behind. If you are associated with medicine, with stomatology, probably, you see your patient. I took photos of this model on facebook without candy, he looks more like a dentist gift. Hope this smiley face will make you smile.
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The size (height) of tiny smiley toy 6 cm = 2,36 inches/
Worldwide delivery 7 $
Buy online from my handmade Etsy shop - Pillowsrollanda
Delivery time to USA usually 2-4 weeks

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My gallery in Picasa ended this summer 2016, so I will send additional pictures to my official FB page -
All toys are invented and made by me personally, I have no assistants, but Angel and Muse.

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