Sunday, September 25, 2016

Schrodingers cat toy handmade

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Schrödinger's cat toy , Schrodinger's cat toy, 2016

This red cube size of 8 centimeters = 3.15 inches
The length of the white faux tail = 10 cm = 3.94 inches
The cube tight hollofaiber stuffed, but it soft.
18$ + 7$ shipping worldwide
DELIVERY TIME - 2- 4 weeks at the usual time of year

The impetus for the creation of this toy has served Shnobelem Award 2016
I found out about this funny cat from the book "Quantum Psychology" many years ago. Wikipedia article is too difficult for common people. I like the lyrical summary from the book.
One scientist was watching his cat, who was sitting in a box.
He watching him for so long, that he had come to the paradoxical conclusion:
the uncertainty gives two opposite qualities to the object. Cat in a box alive and dead at the same time, because nobody knows the truth. Later, the cat became an Internet meme.

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