Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pekingese wall hangings decor, pekingese furry portrait, pekingese wall décor. 16 Nov 2016

I have noticed that my customers like not only utilitarian goods with Pekingese, but  just beautiful things for homes also, that evoke tender emotion and recognition of a familiar pet dog. And I thought that might be enough to sew a pillow, it is worth trying to sew Pekingese just for beauty. This fluffy white head Pekingese for a wall. If you want other color, look at the toys in the section  "Pekingese, Japanese Chin" - it's all available colors faux fur, which I have, international shipping

Size in height on the fur side of 27 cm = 10.63 inches

The reverse side of the cotton.
Panels soft, nothing inside, no solid investments.

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