Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tiny toys Japanese Chin dogs

Japanese Chin is a small dog companion. Rating AKS 108th most popular breeds in the USA. There are several types of colors. I sewed a white and black Japanese Chin from faux fur. If you want another color toy, you just need to write me on

Japanese Chin soft toy is good for both adults and children. Plush Chin dog can be a gift for a birthday, or for the Chinese New Year. A small figure will decorate the room of an adult lover of Chin.

. Size miniature dog  3,15 inches height and  4 inch in length.
Stuffed animal Chin dog have 2 ears. Girl dog have name Kyouko (Kiki). Boy named Takeshi.



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Sometimes I take pictures of the workflow. If you're interested, how I'm sewing, you can look "behind the scenes", album on Flickr



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