Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fur stuffed smiley face

Big sun smiley face have size 20cm in diameter, near 8 inches.  The front side is made of fleece with increased density, the back side is sewn entirely of  long faux fur. Stuffed smiley toy with fur is look like a sun or a sunflower. Fur sun will always smile on your couch, create a joyful mood. You can present an fuzzy happy face to a child or teenager.

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Link to Flickr , album number #117  
After you get a fur sun-smiley, you need to comb it with a clean comb.
Maybe you'll even get a little braided braids in Afro style .
 Smiley face is densely stuffed, it is quite heavy.
Packing is a polyethylene package of seasonal colors.
Delivery time usually from 2 till 4 weeks to USA, UK, France, Spain, Singapore.
Shipping cost 8$, with another item 5$ (because it's heavy)
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Please use sections to select the smiley of the desired size. 

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