Wednesday, August 26, 2015

BIG Pekingese toys

I sewed a lot of little fluffy dogs breed "Pekingese" from faux fur in the spring of 2015. Now it's time for the big dogs! Meet: Red  (Rusty) Pekinese, Redhead Pekingese with beige mask, Black Pekingese, and Black Pike with mask.
Each toy has its own album. All toys are generally album -
#134 ALBUM

From #134 BIG Pekingese toys

From #134 BIG Pekingese toys

My Picasa gallery album

Height fur dogs about 12 inches = 30 cm
I send toys worldwide. Delivery to the USA, Europe - $ 12
Delivery time to USA, Europe is usually 2- 4 weeks, read the policies

Welcome to my Etsy shop - Pillowsrollanda - 
To allow you to see all the available dogs, which are now ready to be shipped, use the reference to the section of the store - "Pekingese"

Red more here

Album #133 - Red Pekingese

From #133 Rusty, Red Pekingese -

Album #117 Red Pekingese with beige mask
From #117 Big Pekingese Rusty fur with Mask

Album # 132 Black Peke with mask
From #132 BLACK Pekingese with mask and surprised eyes


From #131 Pekingese toy, BLACK furry dog


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