Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rain cloud pillow, white cloud pillow, Crying Princess

Rain cloud, Rain cloud pillow, white cloud pillow, childrens pillow, crying cloud pillow, Crying Princess -

One of my customer has been very kindness and told me about the love of Americans for rain clouds. Thanks to her, I found out that the pillow rain cloud can be claimed. There are many different rain clouds on Etsy and it's not easy to be original =) And I remembered the weather lore: "Rain and sun - princess crying"

From #135 Rain cloud Crying Princess

 An excerpt from the story of the famous writer Konstantin Paustovsky "Language and nature".... About the blind (mushroom) rain, which coming with the sun, the people say: "The princess is crying" . Sparkling drops of rain like the big tears. And who can crying so shining tears of sorrow and joy, besides the fabulous beauty Princess! .....
Rain called blind because when it goes and the sun is shining, the rain is not visible. It is warm and short rain.

Size 15.75 inches long and 12.6 inches in height
=== 40 cm in length and 32 cm in height
Material - fleece polyester, filler hollofayber, zipper.

DELIVERY TIME IS USUALLY 2-4 weeks, read the policy.

More photos you can see in #135 album of Picasa gallery

If you're interested the story,.....

If you're interested the story, you can read the English translation in a shortened version in the library Google . "The Golden Rose" Konstantin Paustovsky 2003 . University Press of Pacific. Honolulu, Hawaii. "The story of the novel" the story "Language and nature" Page 99
Oringinal on russian here  

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